4DL 10G 10S

Completely encapsulated control mechanism for protection against dirt. Five chamber design. Flexibility in rotating the operating mechanism by 90° x 4. Wide variety of spools available in subplate model only. The key features of our proportional val

Name Detail
Interchange c
Construction Spool type.
Mounting Sub plate body. Interface as per ISO 4401 - AC - 05 -4 - A and IS 10187 - 10 mm diameter nominal port.
Mounting position Optional.
Flow direction As per spool type.
Operating pressure For port P, A and B 350 bar. For port T 100 bar
Hydraulic oil 68 No.
Fluid temperature range -20 °C to +90°C
Fluid cleanliness requirement As per ISO 16/13 or better.
Max. flow capacity 100 ltr.
Mass 4.650 kg APPROX